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Why Hunyani - The meaning behind the name

The name Hunyani has been chosen as a means of remembering and honouring all those killed by terrorism world wide, and to honour all freedom loving people who have and do fight or oppose terrorism, tyrony and perpetrators of violent crime and the supporters or defenders of such.

On the 3rd of September 1978 and unarmed civilian Air Rhodesia aircraft, a Viscount named Hunyani, in flight from Kariba to Salisbury carrying men, women
and children on board was shot down by a gang of ZIPRA forces using a Russian SAM 7 missile. Of the 56 people on board 38 perished in the crash landing.
10 survivors, including wounded woman and children were then executed on the ground by another gang of ZIPRA forces.

This event must stand as one of the most terrible acts in modern times, along with the 9/11 events of 2001, and every other act of terror or violent crime.

May comfort be brought to those who suffer.
May charity about in the hearts of man.
May the Light of Christ shut out the darkness of evil.
May peace come to the earth.

- Clive Reid

Monies raised by Hunyani Reptile Park is not only
put back into reptile conservation, but is also used to
bring comfort to victims of violent crime and acts of terror.